Aaron Goodwin is an equipment technician, camera operator, and a co-investigator on the series. In need of a cameraman for their documentary,Bagans and Groff first met and hired Goodwin in Las Vegas to assist them with primary filming an B-roll taping. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.Before joining Bagans and Groff, Goodwin had worked as a camera operator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and several behind-the-scenes film premieres in Las Vegas. Often left alone on "hotspots" within the locations under investigation, Goodwin has been portrayed as "bait" to attract supposed ghostly spirits.

Memorable experiences

At Preston Castle, three marks, similar to the "scratches" on Bagan's back at Bobby Mackey's, appeared on the back of Goodwin's left leg as he felt them.At Winchester Mystery House, Aaron was possessed by an entity that possibly traveled from Bobby Mackey's Music World to the location that they were doing the experiment.

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