Amy Gillis

Amy Gillis is a minor character in Clarence. She makes her first, and so far only appearance in "Pretty Great Day with a Girl".


Amy is a slender girl with light brown hair which she keeps in pigtails under a dark pink and green helmet. She wears a dark tank top and light jean shorts with knee-socks and dark shoes. Amy also wears a yellow beaded bracelet on her left hand and a watch on her right.


Amy's parents are recently divorced and she is unsure whether or not she will be able to go to the same school Clarence goes to; she thinks she may have to move. She likes reading fantasy novels, which she shares with an uninterested Clarence.


Amy has a bright personality, much like Clarence. She is tomboyish and full of adventure, enjoying the pinecone-war between Clarence, Sumo, Belson, and Dustin. Amy is also very competitive and a nature-lover.

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