Andrea is a fictional character from the AMC television drama series The Walking Dead. Portrayed by
actress Laurie Holden, Andrea is an emotional, outspoken former civil rights attorney struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world of flesh-eating zombies. Andrea appears in the second episode of the series, paired with her younger sister Amy and a small group of survivors, including Rick Grimes, his wife Lori and their son Carl. Amy is bitten by a zombie during an attack at their camp, and Andrea is forced to shoot her in the head as Amy reanimates. Andrea falls into a depression following Amy's death, in part because Andrea did not spend much time with her while she was alive. The group makes it to the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia only to find out that there is no known cure and no apparant hope. Rather than keep fighting, Andrea elects to stay behind in the CDC explosion. However, she is convinced by Dale to keep surviving and leaves with him. Andrea gradually gains back her confidence and the will to live over the course of the second season as she is trained in the use of firearms by Shane, with whom she has a brief romantic relationship. However, both Dale and Shane are killed and Andrea becomes separated from the group when Hershel's farm is overwhelmed by a herd of walkers. Andrea is saved by Michonne and the women survive the winter together. They are discovered by The Governor and brought into the apparant safety of Woodbury. However, Michonne realizes The Governor is evil and leaves, unable to convince Andrea to go with her. In the events that follow, Andrea falls in love with the Governor and realizes too late that he is a madman. Unable to stop him from attacking Rick and her friends at the prison, Andrea attempts to escape Woodbury but fails. She is chained up in the Governor's torture chamber while he kills her friend Milton. Milton reanimates and bites Andrea on the neck before she can free herself. She is later reunited with Rick, Michonne and the others, who have saved the citizens of Woodbury and chased off the Governor. Andrea is given a gun so that she can kill herself before she turns, and Michonne stays with her until she dies.