• XXPetsLoverXx


    October 5, 2018 by XXPetsLoverXx
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  • Cabutchikas

    Other Wikis

    May 31, 2018 by Cabutchikas

    There's some wikis I want you to try:

    • Animated Muscle Men Wiki
    • Animated Muscle Women Wiki
    • Anime Tears Wiki

    Can you try it?

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  • Crazy Muzzarino

    Hello all fictional character fans, the wiki will be adopted by me since there is no active bureaucrats around here to keep the site up to date and add more character articles onto the wiki. Our hope is to also monitor the wiki to wipe out bad contributors and promote the good ones here and give the wiki a better design than it is as of now.

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  • OwenTheLegendary855
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  • Pumpkin8ter

    Jenny Piper

    June 1, 2015 by Pumpkin8ter
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  • J.J. Chambers


    May 25, 2015 by J.J. Chambers


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  • PigHead

    There is a lot of horrifying characters in fiction, most of them are are extremely popular, others just send chills down your spine.

    Adam Green's Hatchet series is one of the upcoming horror franchises, made famous by its large amounts of gore and it's lead villain, Victor Crowley, portrayed by Kane Hodder of Friday the 13th fame. Victor's appearance, the setting of the swamp, and the overall tone of the movies make Crowley one of the few horror characters that actually scare me.

    Sweet Tooth is the mascot of the Twisted Metal video games. Though more cool than scary, Sweet Tooth can be pretty freaky, especially the way he looked in the first Twisted Metal. This is understandable, seeing as how he is a clown. Damn clowns.

    Pighead, and Pighead II, is …

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