Carl Grimes is a fictional character from The Walking Dead franchise. Appearing in both the AMC television series and the graphic novels, Carl is one of the central characters of the story about the modern world being destroyed by a zombie apocalypse. After Carl's father Rick is shot and goes into a coma, his rural Georgia hometown is overrun by zombies and he escapes with his mother Lori. Tagging along with them is Shane, Rick's best friend. Carl and the others join a large group on the outskirts of Atlanta, protected by characters such as Daryl Dixon, Dale, and T-Dog. Carl is eventually reunited with his father, who he had thought was dead. The group is attacked and decides to make a run for the CDC in Atlanta. Once there they are told there is no cure and the building is set to self-destruct. The group escapes just as the building blows up. During season two, while looking for the lost Sophia, Carl discovers a deer and is shot on accident. He is taken to the farm of Hershel Greene , who performs surgery to remove the bullet and saves Carl's life. Carl suffers the losses of both Dale and Sophia, shattering his faith in the world and his sense of security. He also begins training in how to use firearms, despite his mother's protests. He witnesses Rick kill Shane after the latter tries to kill his father. Carl puts a bullet in Shane's head just as he reanimates. The farm is then attacked by a large number of walkers, splitting the survivors up and running them off the farm. They eventually find a prison to take shelter in while Lori prepares to give birth. However, she does not survive due to massive blood loss. Carl is forced to shoot her in the head to prevent Lori from becoming a zombie. His sister survives, though, and he names her Judith.   

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