The Characters Wiki project was started in June 2006 as a method of keeping track of fictional characters. There are currently 5,143 articles at Character Wiki.

Character Wiki is a free reference of all characters, behind the scenes and other things relating to characters from anything including offical YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other offical media or video games. Character Wiki is a wiki, meaning that anyone can contribute to any article. You can contribute by clicking on the Edit button on the top of each page or you can type ?action=edit at the end of the page title url to edit pages too. Note: it will not work on special pages.

WARNING: Character Wiki refers only to fictional characters that have been released from anything such as offical YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other website accounts and channels and unused characters seen in video games, YouTube, Facebook or something like that. Using pages to brainstorm characters is not acceptable on main articles, Use the image chamber or your user pages only to put fanon and fan-art characters there.

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