This is a list of characters who were re-used from another media and taken to a new franchise.

Original character Characters recycled into Universes Characters Discontinued Transported into different universe Other universes
Alarm Clock Bird Arthur and Birdie TheMuppetsfilm.logo Alarm Clock Bird and Arthur No
Beggar Gruntilda TheMuppetsfilm.logo Beggar Yes Banjo Kazooie logo
Bug Jitter Bug and Bill the Bug TheMuppetsfilm.logo Bug, Jitter Bug and Bill the Bug No
Fuzzyface Grover TheMuppetsfilm.logo Fuzzyface No
Eckle Young Kip Supernova Ps3-planet-51-1244595580-1 Eckle Young Yes Escape from Planet Earth logo
Mordecai Rad Dudesman Regular show title logo None Yes Ben-10-Omniverse-Logo
Philo Mabel, Magic Teeny and Toodlepip from Outer Space TheMuppetsfilm.logo Philo, Mabel and Magic Teeny No
Roger Smith Skiff Xounellius American Dad Logo Skiff Xounellius Yes Ps3-planet-51-1244595580-1
Snarl the Cigar Box Frackle The Great Gonzo TheMuppetsfilm.logo Snarl the Cigar Box Frackle No
Snivelly Droop, Nincompoop, Zeke, Abel and Ziggity Zest TheMuppetsfilm.logo Snivelly, Abel, Ziggity Zest and Zeke No
Tug Monster Do Re Mi Monster, Musician Monster and Marvin the Mud Maker TheMuppetsfilm.logo Tug Monster, Do Re Mi Monster, Musician Monster and Marvin the Mud Maker No

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