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Chief or Pandoga is a Kunoichi that is the Vagabond Ninja Clan leader. With her clumsy schemes she can never be a respected criminal, especially because she is a screamer. She is very much in love with Tobe, to the point of trying to help him in his revenge against Garu, in one episode she even wears glasses of Wise Turtle, by accident, causing her to become intelligent, she tries to help and get Tobe's attention with her new wisdom, but in the end did not go as she wanted. It could be said that she is the wife of Tobe accidentaly and they were married (though the wedding did not finish) in the episode "Evil Love" while he was under the influence of the arrow of Cupid. She is a radical activist who hates the use of animal skins as clothing. In the chapter "Garu Gold Medal," she is a parody of Pandora. Apparently she could help the world, but her desire to be accepted by Tobe just made her act like a villain, that is based on Tortuga glasses increased their brain, or simply made to work seriously.


She is the leader of the vagabond clan.She has a ponytail and her hair is black. Her clothes is red, she has 2 swords and a X in the middle of her clothes. She is implied to be Vegan (Tries to become a Tofu Sales-Person in the episode "Full-Moon Pucca" and throws blue paint on Ring Ring in the episode "The Ring Ring Touch" for wearing fur, because she thinks it is cruel.)

The Ring Ring Touch


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Tobe: chief has a huge crush on him and wants to help him defeat Garu.In Evil Love they are accidently married.

Clown and Shaman: is Chief's two friends and the only people who live with her, seen in 2 Minds and 4 Eyes.


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