Benjamin Nigel Koopa (Known as the new Clayface) is Starblayz's Long Lost father who was thought dead after Mikki nearly killed him for raping her. Before his other debut in Super Princess Peach and the Dark Knight though he debuted in Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels, a Famicom game not released for the NES in USA. People even mistook him for Bowser's Twin Brother, but he and Bowser are not Brothers.


The Penguin (Wario) and the Joker (Waluigi), discover his Corpse, the Penguin took the body out of Mushroom City to Gotham City in Arkham Asylum where the Scarecrow (Dimentio) revived Benjamin with radioactive mud made by Clayface Basil Karlo (Lord Crump) and made him the new Clayface because it gives him an ability to shapeshift.

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Jeff Foxworthy is a good voiceover because Ben and Jeff are good comedians.

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