Group: Micro - Level: Baby - Attack Technique: Bubble Blow Datirimon is the Digimon partner of Oikawa. When he was younger, and in communication with the DigiWorld, along with Cody's father, Oikawa met Datirimon, but when his connection to the DigiWorld was removed, he forgot about him, thanks in part to his possession byMyotismon. When MaloMyotismon was defeated, Cody dragged Oikawa to the edge of the portal to the DigiWorld, where Datirimon appeared, and greeted Oikawa, who began to remember that he had a Digimon all along. Oikawa then sacrificed himself to restore the DigiWorld to normal. What became of Datirimon is unknown - what he may Digivolve into remains just as unknown. While Oikawa did have a Digimon partner in Datirimon, he was not, repeat, NOT, one of the original five DigiDestined. Datirimon appears in "A Million Points of Light." His voice is supplied by Dorothy Elias-Fahn. Name: Datirimon's original Japanese name is Pipimon. His American name was chosen as the result of a contest held by Bandai.

Group: Micro - Level: Baby - Attack Technique: Bubble Blow

  A Datirimon was among the 'Digimon at the fortune telling fair, and another could be seen at the Autumn Leaf Fair during theDigiDestined’s first visit. As seen in “A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon” and “Bizarre Bazaar.”   Name: The meaning of Datirimon’s name is unknown – it was created by a fan, chosen through a contest run by Bandai.

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