I'm glad you came, girls. I need more Chemical X!„~ Dick Hardly when his lies were found out by the Powerpuff Girls.Evil-DoerFull NameRichard "Dick" HardlyOriginThe Powerpuff GirlsOccupationBusinessman, con artist, scientistPowers/SkillsKeen intellect, smooth-talker, super strength (as mutant)HobbiesTaking credit for others' work, making moneyGoalsTo gain wealth and fame by creating and selling knock-off Powerpuff GirlsType of VillainCorrupt Businessman, Manipulator, Complete Monster, Knight of CerebusDick Hardly was a one-shot character in The Powerpuff Girls and the main antagonist in the episode "Knock it Off".He was voiced by Jeff Bennett who also voiced Ace, Big Billy, and Grubber from the Gangreen Gang.

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