Masterpiece among the Knights created by the Empire, and the mastermind of the plot to rise against them. Prior to his betrayal, he was tasked with guiding wayward souls to the Empire and aiding in their re-education. Called the Sinless for his flawless nature and pure vision, yet it was on nature of deepest black that the tainted knight Emmeroloth rose against the Empire. Since his fall, his name is bloody, and impossible to know."

—Primer Bio-XV

"Till all my sleeves are stained red, From all the truth that I've said"

—Emmeroloth, the Sinless

Kerian. J Marquis, also known as Emmerololth, the Sinless is the twelfth member inducted into the Formal order of the Zodiak Knights of the Holy Dark Empire. He was born to a human mother and father so his ability to use magic was considered a unique rarity in Orisstia. However his parents were killed by the dark reavers where he then was adopted by the Holy Dark Empire. Eventually he was brought into the Zodiak Knights, however unlike the other member of the Knights, Kerian has no fixed location to guard.

Eventually it was revealed that it was the Holy Dark Empire who killed his family so that they could obtain him and turn him into a weapon against the Dark Reavers. On their final assignment, the Zodiak Knights were to kill the leader of the Reavers once and for all. However seeking revenge for his family, Emmeroloth betrayed his fellow knights and allowed the Reavers to gain the upper hand and killed the entire Zodiak Knights. In an act of cold blood Emmeroloth killed his closest friend, Fandaniel,the Protector, sealing his fate forever. He then became known as Emmeroloth, the Bloody and was hunted all his life until he was eventually captured. It was assumed that he was then killed by the Holy Dark Empire for his betrayal.

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