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The Seer of Sanghelios (Fayta 'Refum) is a psychic female Sangheili who lived alone in a forest cabin, in the outskirts of the State of Vadam. She was one of many spouses to then-Thel 'Vadamee, as revealed near the end of Vadam Legacies: The Darkest Hour.

The Seer of Sanghelios did not believe in the Great Journey, and foresaw the Prophet of Truth's indirect abandonment of Regret and Mercy, although she did not tell Autel it was him. She also warned him that there was to be betrayal within the Covenant and that he would meet his closest ally at the mobile military city Stoic Courier.

When the Seer was taken prisoner aboard the cruiser CCS-U572, Autel had tried to free her from the clutches of Othreus, but was unable to in the end. The Jiralhanae found them and killed her with his Spike carbine. Autel felt great sadness at her death and swore to do whatever it took to avenge her.

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