Group: Rock – Level: Hybrid – Type: Variable – Attack Techniques: Quagmire Twister, Tectonic Slam  Gigasmon is the Beast Warrior of Earth, created when Grumblemon Slide Evolves using the Beast Spirit of Earth. Towering, muscular and immensely strong, Gigasmon primarily relies on his physical prowess in battle, pummelling opponents by spinning his body into a tornado and shattering the earth around him with his fists.  Grumblemon was in possession of his Beast Spirit prior to his first meeting with the DigiDestined, and stunned them all by revealing its power as they battled to preserve the Fractal Code of the KaratsukiNumemon’s mountain. Caught off guard by this unknown ability, the DigiDestined were defeated, and Gigasmon consumed the mountain’s data.  Gigasmon resurfaced a short time later, attacking a Gotsumon settlement in the region of the Forest' 'Kingdom, searching for the Beast Spirit of Light. After a briefly clash with Lobomon, Gigasmon came across the other DigiDestined and attacked them, wounding Kazemon and stealing her Spirit of Wind. Before he could claim any more Spirits, however, Lobomon lured him away, only to have the Beast Spirit of Light be unlocked during their battle, which Koji was able to use to become KendoGarurumon. In the ensuing confrontation, the cliff Grumblemon was standing on was shattered, sending the villain tumbling into the ocean.  Emerging from the ocean not longer after, Grumblemon created a Golemon from the earth itself using a strange powder. He and his new minion then attacked the fortune telling festival, becoming Gigasmon when the combined attacks of the DigiDestined defeated Golemon. Once again, Gigasmon succeeded in claiming a Spirit, stealing Tommy’s Spirit of Ice, but was suddenly and quickly forced to flee by the abrupt appearance ofBurningGreymon, who completely destroyed Golemon.  Takuya, however, was able to take control of BurningGreymon’s Beast Spirit of Flame, and once again found himself battling Gigasmon in the middle of the forest. With its added power, he was finally able to defeat Gigasmon and took the Beast Spirit of Earth for himself, robbing Gigasmon of his Beast form.  Gigasmon first appears in “A Molehill Out Of A Mountain.” His voice is supplied by Derek Stephen Prince.   Name: “Gigas” is Latin for “giant.”

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