Grady Ambrose Fletcher, Jessica Fletcher's nephew, is a recurring character on "Murder, She Wrote". Specifically, Grady was the son of Frank Fletcher's late brother.It was Grady who, after secretly reading Jessica's first novel The Corpse Danced at Midnight, had it published.Although Jessica seems to have a never-ending collection of nieces and nephews, it is Grady that could be easily considered the closest thing she has to a son. In the series viewers learn that Grady was raised in part by Jessica and her husband Frank, after Grady's parents were killed in a car accident.Bumbling, but good-natured, Grady seemed to always be moving from accounting job to accounting job. When he did have a job, murder would quickly follow. Usually a too-trusting Grady
was accused of the murder and needed his Aunt Jessica to find the real killer.His job troubles where about as bad as his difficulties with women. Grady, the shy innocent type, frequently had trouble finding a regular girl. He did eventually marry equally shy Donna Mayberry. Ironically his job troubles and women troubles converge when he finds out she worked for, and was fired by, Donna's father.Grady and Donna had a son in the series, whom they name Frank, after Grady's uncle.

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