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Bowser Burns Justin Bieber (meme) for the following reason(s):
Please no articles about real life people, unless they appear in a medium as themselves. If so, please state the title of the medium in brackets to avoid confusion

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Justin Bieber is a real life pop singer from Canada. While he isn't really a bad person, many internet people have made him look like a bad person, probably because of how late his voice is in changing (it didn't begin changing until the age of 16). For instance, he has been shown as "evil" by many and some show him as the "most evil person ever". Also, many make up stories such as him punching girls and fraud. There is also pictures of him as a girl & as a beaver. This meme is similar to Barney, who is also made fun of for his voice. Also, both are jeered for children and are hated by certain groups, often shown in devilish forms.He's a recurring enemy of Leopold Slikk and Shrek (Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life).

  • Credit
  1. Real life villans wiki
  2. Villans wiki
  3. Youtub pop wiki

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