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Lori got the brains in the family. She is incredibly smart, and fiercely independent. She is a born negotiator, and strategist - and has been known to play her brothers and her parents off each other. Lori has a mischievous spirit that sometimes causes her to overstep her capabilities - and get into situations a little outside her league. Not to say that she isn't fun and loveable, but she is definitely not like other nine-year-olds. She has a sardonic sense of humour, and loves using big words. She can also be very hard on herself, and become easily frustrated when things don't go quite as planned. Lori is the one who has figured out how 'useful' her big brother Luke is - whether she is tricking him into reaching something she shouldn't have from a high shelf, or convincing him to flatten himself out so she can be cozy under a "brother blanket." Lori has a deep-seated love of all types of insects, and treats her pet tarantula like other kids would treat a puppy. Lori's interests: Science, bugs and manipulating her brothers.