Lucy Westenra is a character from Bram Stoker's classic vampire novel Dracula. She is an Englishwoman described as being particularly beautiful, kind, and pure. At one point, she fields marriage proposals from Dr. John Seward, the nobleman Arthur Holmwood, and American Quincey Morris, all on the same day. Of the three, she chooses to marry Arthur.However, not long after this happy event, Lucy is stricken with an illness that leaves her weak, pale, and bedridden. A colleague of Dr. Seward, Abraham Van Helsing, is called in to help assess Lucy's condition and provide treatment, and it is determined that she is suffering from a severe anemia. Attempts are made at saving Lucy's life through repeated blood transfusions, but no matter how much blood is donated, her symptoms continually come back stronger than ever. Unknown to both herself and the others, she has become a target and victim of the vampire Dracula.Eventually, on a night when only Lucy's mother is in attendance to watch over her, a wolf crashes through her bedroom window. The shock of the attack causes Lucy's mother to die of a heart attack, and Dracula enters to drain most of the blood from Lucy's body. The next morning, Lucy is found on the verge of death, but the men are unable to do anything to help her, and she passes away. However, after her funeral, reports begin to swirl about a "Bloofer Lady" that is attacking children during the night and leaving bite marks on their necks. Suspicious, Van Helsing leads the men in an investigation, and they discover to their horror that Lucy has become a vampire, sleeping in her crypt during the day and coming out at night to feed. To ensure that she rests in peace, the group sneaks into her crypt during the daytime and drive a wooden stake through her heart.
Lucy Westenra

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