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Welcome to the Fictional Characters Wiki!

The Fictional Characters wiki is devoted to celebrating and maintaining information about the vast world of fictional characters. To qualify for inclusion on this site, the character must have appeared in a published work. However, we aim to accommodate characters from all manner of fiction, whether it be expressed through literature, movies, television, comics, video gaming, theatre or any other medium.

So, if there are any fictional characters or works of fiction that you can't find on the wiki, we encourage you to contribute! Also, have a look at the to-do list ot the right to see what we're currently working on at the wiki.

New: the image chamber is now availble for made-up characters and some unforgettable image experiments and galleries you've never seen before.

To add a new page, simply type the name of the article you wish to create below!

Character of the Month (April 2014)
The Killer Klowns
Killer Klowns

The Killer Klowns are the main antagonists in the 1988 sci-fi/horror film "Killer Klowns from Outer Space". They are an extremely malicious race of dangerous aliens that resemble heavily mutated versions of circus clowns from outer space.

The Killer Klowns were all portrayed by Steve Rockhold, Michael Harrington Burris, Geno Ponza, Scott Beatty, Paul Haley, Dennis C. Walsh, Genie Houdini, Charles Chiodo, Karl Shaeffer, Paul Parsons, Jimmy Locust, Mitch Bryan, and Greg Sykes.

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May 30, 2013 - The new image chamber has opened for any image relating to characters, behind the scenes and stuff on how they do these characters as well. We accept fan-art on the site, but they belong in fan-art section of the gallery page, not on main articles. You can also put made up character images in the gallery as well. Do not create fan-art character articles on the site though. Add images all you want in the chamber.

May 13, 2013 - The wiki has it's new logo. The logo was on text only until May 2013 and it features characters from their own media based on the series and universes.

April 29, 2013 - The wiki's features were outdated for quite a while, so we've requested the wiki features to be enabled and the excitement has been increased. The features of the wiki is now updated. Have fun!

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