Mindy Crenshaw

Mindy Crenshaw is an intelligent and boastful girl in Drake and Josh's school.



Josh is Mindy's boyfriend. They used to hate each other but now they like each other.Then, they broke up, but started dating again later in the series.


Mindy is shown to have an extreme hatred for Drake (with mutual feelings). For example, in "Honor Council" she parked the teacher's car in the middle of her classroom to frame Drake for the prank and have him expelled. They have softened up but they still have hatred like name calling and teasing. Even though they hate each other sometimes Mindy helps him with his girlfriend problems.


Megan at first hated Mindy but she warmed up to her when she said she can make Josh's life miserable at school while she makes his life miserable at home, so Josh's life can be miserable all the time. Mindy enjoys Megan making Drake miserable, like in Mindy Loves Josh when Drake ate Megan's big cookie, Mindy asked if Megan was going to do something to him, when Megan said yes, Mindy said "excellent".


  • When she first debuted on the show in Honor Council, she was obviously in high school. However, when that episode was filmed, her actress Allison Scagliotti was only 13 years old at the time.
  • For her misdeed in Honor Council, Mindy is sent to a mental hospital, causing a temporary departure from the series but she reappeared in another episode to compete in the school science fair.
  • Mindy cloned her dog with the name cocapoo.
  • She has been shown to possess a love of sharks.
  • Mindy is a straight A student, except for a B in Mrs. Hayfer's class, as told in Honor Council.
  • She might know Beck Oliver from Victorious as she was on Beck's chat page in Victorious episode "Wi-Fi in the Sky."


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