Mr. Shu is an evil tutor in Dragon Ball Z that Chi-Chi hired during a filler episode in the Trunks Saga. He is voiced by Chuck Huber in the FUNimation Dub. BiographyEditEditChi-Chi hires Mr. Shu as Gohan's tutor to increase his study skills. While Chi-Chi is out of the room Mr. Shu whips Gohan with a whip and insults his father, Goku. When Gohan has a nightmare and grabs "Frieza"'s hand he is actually grabbing Mr. Shu's hand. Mr. Shu then further insults Goku. He tries to whip Gohan but Gohan grabs the whip and breaks it. Mr. Shu calls Chi-Chi into the room. He lies to Chi-Chi about what happened and says Gohan wants to fight like his father. Chi-Chi denies it. Mr. Shu then whips Gohan so hard that blood comes down his face. Mr. Shu yet again further insults Goku, and he says Gohan was a abandoned by a "worthless father". Chi-Chi has had it and throws Mr. Shu out of a window and tells him to never come to her house again. Mr. Shu then threatens Chi-Chi, then Chi-Chi chases him away. Later Chi-Chi's father the Ox-King laughs histerically about Chi-Chi throwing Mr. Shu out of the window. Mr. Shu never appears in the series again.&nbsp

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