Onyx Von Trollenberg (born December 1, 2000) is a level-headed girl who is not afraid to tell the truth and has a distaste for anyone who lies and manipulates others. She is the only goth at her school, and is very anti-social and unique as expressed by her gothic clothing and gloomy outlook on life. Her favorite food is double cheeseburgers with lots of onions and she enjoys making fun of cheerleaders and beating boys at anything. Her favorite color is either black or purple or both.

Although she excels in poetry, she bombs at driving (she's known as the worst driver in the world) and often has low self-confidence. Her gem is indigo in color and is in the shape of a crescent moon. Her Ancient is Spinell, Zirconia's husband. Onyx is attracted to the poetic rocker, Flint.

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