The World of Quest - Prince Nestor - smiling proudly because of his first pair of boxer shorts
Prince Nestor is one of the main characters from the 2008 cartoon show The World of Quest. He is fifteen years old. He has brownish hair with a yellow horizontal highlight. He is the prince of Odyssea. He usually wears a blue and white outfit in each episode.

In the beginning of the show, he tricks a strong warrior named Quest to fall into a 'servant' spell that forces Quest to become his bodyguard. Throughout the show, Nestor attempts to stop the evil plans of Lord Spite and makes many friends along the way.

Prince Nestor is a very popular character on the show because a lot of kids can relate to him. One of the main struggles that Nestor deals with is his transition from a teenager to an adult. This is similar to what a lot of kids feel when they watch the show. The show illustrates Nestor's struggle through his underwear choice.

Transition from briefs to boxer shorts

The World of Quest - Prince Nestor - proudly showing his first pair of boxer shorts to his friends
Nestor's transition from briefs to boxer shorts is a very important event in the character's development. This is because it symbolizes the point in time when Nestor's life changes from an immature kid to a mature person.

This character arc starts with an episode where Nestor's clothes were stolen by a thief. All of Nestor's friends finds out Nestor wears briefs. Naturally, Nestor is ashamed for wearing briefs and tries to cover himself, but it is too late.

Later on, on Nestor's birthday his friends buy him his first pair of boxer shorts as a present. Nestor was very happy to receive the present. He changed and showed his friends wearing boxer shorts for the first time. Since then, Nestor wore boxer shorts.


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