Ranger Mortimer is a forest ranger at Jellystone Park and the character of Yogi the Easter Bear played by Jonathan Winters.


Ranger Mortimer appears on the TV Special he has to Guard this Easter candy but Yogi Bear to coming this truck to stealing the Easter candy but Ranger Smith arrives (along with Ranger Mortimer) and warns him do not stealing candy in this truck and go to his cave and stay there, but the Siberian Circus has been calling just the bear for them and Smith tell Mortimer to keep his eyes on this truck. But Yogi Bear steals the Easter Bunny outfit tricks Mortimer into thinking he is the real Easter Bunny, and eats all the candy in the truck, then Smith what Mortimer doing keep eyes this truck, but Mortimer tell Easter Bunny on this green hat Smith knows what Easter Bunny outfit on the green hat that was: Yogi Bear. After Yogi and Boo Boo going to get real Easter Bunny to the Jamboree Others with Smith on doing the acting like the circus Smith tell Mortimer to light the on the canyon.