Razputin, more commonly referred to as "Raz", is the protagonist of the video game "Psychonauts" made by Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions. Raz is a 10 year old circus acrobat with Psychic powers who runs away from home to attend Whispering Rocks Psychic Summer Camp, a Goverment camp ground that train children on how to use and control their Psychic powers. While attending, Raz discovers an evil plot to steal the childrens Brains and use them to concor the world. With help from Psychonaut Agent Ford Cruller, Raz had to complete all his Psycadet training, enter the minds or "Mental Realms" of others and save the world before his father would arrive to pick him up, as he did not have his permission to attend camp. He is voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz.

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