SCP–106 is a Keter–class monster kept by the SCP Foundation. It is a rotting, zombie–like, elderly–looking humanoid that tries to kill anything it comes into contact with by kidnapping them into a pocket dimension consisting of many halls and rooms, where it tortures and mutilates the victim before returning the mangled body to the real world some days later.It can pass through solid matter and causes anything it touches to rot and corrode with its corrosive touch. However, SCP–106 spends most of its time in a dormant state in which it stands still for up to three months before attacking again. It is stated that it prefers to kill young men in the age range of 10–25 years old.The Foundation keeps 106 locked away behind forty layers of lead–lined steel, which have to be replaced frequently.It may be noted that SCP–106 has a crippling weakness to bright flashes and sunlight.

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