SaberLeomon is a major villain in the anime, Digimon Data Squad.Contents [show] AppearanceSaberLeomon is a Mega Level Digimon that resembles a lion with fangs like a saber-tooth tiger.Digimon Data SquadSaberLeomon first appeared when Gotsumon was discussing with Merukimon that the humans were the enemies. Gotsumon convinced SaberLeomon to join forces with him by leading his army into the Real World. After that failed, SaberLeomon invaded the Real World to get his revenge on the humans. He fought the Data Squad and easily wiped out their Digimon, especially RizeGreymon. Keenan suddenly arrives and tells SaberLeomon to stop hurting humans. SaberLeomon angrily attacks and nearly wipes out Keenan and Falcomon. Marcus then confronts SaberLeomon again. Just as SaberLeomon was about to defeat the Data Squad members, a mysterious Digimon appeared and shot a laser that stunned and weakened SaberLeomon. Marcus punched one of his fangs, and RizeGreymon regained his strength and finished him off with his Trident Revolver attack, killing him once and for all.ProfileAn Ancient Beast type Digimon that is said to move at the speed of Mach. However, much about him is shrouded in mystery, and one theory states that Leomon obtained this form when he became more beast-like. With his Mach speed, he can avoid even very quick oncoming attacks easily. His two greatly-developed fangs and sharp claws are full to the brim with destructive power, destroying Mega-leveled Digimon in one blow. His special attack is "Infinity Arrow", which hardens the countless hairs on his mane, and fires them at the opponent. The hairs are full of toxicity, and those who are stabbed by them are paralyzed. In addition, his "Nail Crusher" attack is a frightening technique which uses his huge claws to tear the opponent into eighths.AttacksHowling CrusherInfinity ArrowTriviaIceLeomon, or GrapLeomon is SaberLeomon's Ultimate FormSaberLeomon can Digivolve into BanchoLeomon

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