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Narf • Sorbet • Yoyo
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Sesame Street
Sesame Amigos
5, Rue Sésame
The Furchester Hotel
Video games
Park attractions Spaghetti Space Chase (pre-show)
Portrayed by Joey Mazzarino (Narf & Sorbet)
Yves Brunier (Yoyo only)
Mak Wilson - (Sorbet only)
David Rudman (same as Mak Wilson for Sorbet)
Ryan Dillon (Phil)
Portrayed by
Performance model
Designer  ????
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Sherbet, Sherbert
Appearance Orange Fur, Bold eyelashes, Rainshower tall nose (sometimes magenta), red hair, googly eyes, granny smith apple eyelids
Allies Berry Monster (also known as Herry Monster)
Colonel Mustard
Ethel Bay Mertz
Googel (also known as Lara)
Karina (also known as Olive)
Kermit the Forg
Lulu Lemon
Roxie Marie (also known as Griotte)
Powers and abilities

Sorbet is the latest version of Narf (and his live-hand variant) who appeared on the Furchester Hotel as the Tea Time Monster member for The Tea Time Monsters group.[1] The monster puppet was rebuilt in 2009 for the episode "The Rainbow Show" which had the voice of Joey Mazzarino on these productions. Prior to this modification, the puppet was modified for a mysterious orange monster holding Tarzan (the monkey plush toy) for Big Bird's Nest Sale. He was escorted by Elmo to form a rainbow along with other monsters, then he stated it was much better than Monster Clubhouse. The monster was re-used in 2012 with a magenta colored nose and the outfit who made the appearance for Spaghetti Space Chase pre-show video, though the name "Sorbet" wasn't given until late 2014. The first episode with this change was on Monster Monster Day on The Furchester Hotel. He later re-gained the rainshower colored nose as used in the previous builds of the puppet. He also appears on episode scenes and sketches of Sesame Street including "Where Did the Tallest Monster Go?" and the "Sit Down" song in Season 45. Sorbet in that sketch had the hat on top of his head, orange hair and temporarily named Phil. There are numerous uses for this monster puppet to have been made as different Anything Muppet Monsters for different episodes and sketches. In the episode Numeric Con, the monster had pink hair and his nose temporarily removed and then added back for episodes on The Furchester Hotel. Unlike his other names that the performers gave, his name "Sorbet" is the only one that contains more than 4 letters.

Strangely, there is a new variant of this monster who has blue tuft above his eyes and a magenta nose. The monster like this closely resembles another known AM Monster "Pearl". This was made for Sesame Amigos. While he has the soccer ball when bouncing it, Elmo encounters a problem and his buddies like Vadhir Derbez helps solve problems on certain sketches with him. The Narf puppet with his usual nose color variant is also on the special.

Appearances (detailed)


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  1. Warrick's status about Tea Time Monsters

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