Anyone who's watched the DBZ episodes right before the Cell Games knows who Tao Pai Pai is. What they may not realize is that he started out in DB as a normal man (without all of the mecha attachments). Tao Pai Pai is the guy who taught Tien, by the way, and he was bad to the bone. He was incredibly strong, he could paralyze with a glance, and in movie 3 he killed Agent Blue by poking his tongue through Blue's skull. Holy moley that's strong! Tao Pai Pai was one of Goku's toughest competitors, in fact he almost beat him. But of course Goku fought back and won. Goku beat him up so badly that Tao Pai Pai had to have all of the machinery attached to him just so he could continue to function! So there you have it, now you know why he spazzed out so badly when he saw goku in DBZ. His nightmare returned! Oh, and watch in Movie 3 for Akira Toriyama's other creation... Arale-chan from Dr. Slump appears and takes some aggression on old General Tao just for the heck of it.

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