File:Skips vs. Technology Clip 002.png
Techmo, formerly called Samson, is a character who helps Mordecai,Rigby, and Skips fight off Error 220 (otherwise known as Doom Ma Geddon). He returns in Exit 9B and helps Mordecai, Rigby, and the park workers to fight the villains.


He is a green humanoid who wears a black jacket with a torn sleeve. He wears a name tag on the left side of his jacket collar. He also has white hair consisting of a goatee, sideburns, and a Mohawk between the shaven sides of his head. The bionic portions of his body are his mechanical eye and robotic arm. Techmo also carries a samurai sword, wears tube socks and penny loafers.

Before he became a cyborg and changed his name into Tecmo in a present day, he wears an American Revolutionare outift.

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