The Gromble

The Gromble, also know as Gromble, is the intimidating and strict headmaster of the Monster Academy, who demonstrates his tough loves by belittling his students for poor scares. Gromble has been seen eating one of his students in one bite (although he spits him out after chewing him up). Gromble calls his shoes "snuggle bears" and loves relaxing in his bed. He is sometimes referred to as "The Gromble", "Gromble Sir" or "Mr. Gromble". Gromble is teacher of almost every monster child shown of the Aaahh!!! Real Monsters television series. He is very kind to Oblina, who is believed to be his best student. Gromble treats Ickis horribly, considering Ickis' terrible behavior at the Monster Academy. The Gromble is known for getting ticked off with Ickis several times.

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