Group: Reptile – Level: Champion – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Strong Carapace, Spinning Attack The first Tortomon encountered by the kids was not a pleasant one. Davis’s various attempts to make Veemon Digivolve to the Champion level resulted in a rockslide, and several of the boulders crashed into Tortomon. Enraged, he chased Davis and Veemon across the DigiWorld, through the various areas that the other kids were rebuilding, until he eventually had them cornered on a cliff top. Davis tried to stall him by asking him to wash his hands before he ate them, but to no avail. Then, finally, Veemon Digivolved into his Champion form of ExVeemon, and defeated Tortomon, hurling him off the cliff. Tortomon laughed, washed his hands, and tromped off. This is one of the few episodes of Digimon that received major plot-altering edits in the US. In the original Japanese version, Davis and Veemon accidentally saw Tortomon urinating, and that was why he was so angry. Davis DID originally ask him to wash his hands, as it’s just good hygiene. After ExVeemon blasted him of the cliff, Tortomon... er... finished his business, and washed his hands. At Christmas, when wild Digimon were appearing all over Earth, Lou, a Native American DigiDestined boy, was shown to have a Tortomon for a partner. Lou and his Tortomon had rounded up wild Digimon across the country, and brought them to New York to be sent back to the DigiWorld, but first, they had to help out MimiMichael and Davis subdue a Cherrymonat Rockafeller Centre. Lou’s Tortomon used his Strong Carapace attack together with the attacks from various other American DigiDestined’s Digimon to knock the Cherrymon out. Lou’s Tortomon then went back to the DigiWorld with all the others. Lou’s Tortomon appeared again during the final battle with MaloMyotismon, when the villain was attempting to infect Earth with pure darkness. A Tortomon first appears in “Davis Cries Wolfmon.” Its voice is supplied by Bob Papenbrook. Lou’s Tortomon first appears in “Digimon World Tour, Pt. 1.” Its voice was apparently also Papenbrook, but it doesn’t say enough to really tell. Name: From “tortoise.”

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