Vinegar is one of Garlic Jr.'s henchmen, the Spice Boys. He is the biggest, with light purple skin (the same color as Captain Ginyu), and is also very arrogant. He only appeared in the anime.Vinegar tried to attack Piccolo several times when he insulted Garlic Jr., but Spice stopped him, as Garlic Jr. needed Piccolo so he could use the Dragonballs. At Kami's Lookout, after Gohan killed Salt and Mustard, Vinegar and Spice tried to enter the fight, but Piccolo, seemingly infected by the Black Water Mist, did instead, but soon he revealed he was only pretending, and fought Garlic Jr. while Vinegar fought Krillin. Vinegar caught Krillin's Destructo Disk when he threw it at him. Eventually, Gohan blasted Vinegar with a Masenko, seemingly killing him. When the Makyo Star got closer to Earth, however, Vinegar was healed, along with Spice, and both transformed into bigger more powerful versions of themselves. Vinegar beat up Krillin, knocking him out and kicking him over the edge of the lookout. As Gohan attempted to save him, Vinegar and Spice fought Gohan at once. Gohan's rage made him unleash his hidden powers, destroying Spice and Vinegar with two energy waves. 

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