This article is about the behind the scenes for characters

Unknown Girl Big Hero 6

A girl with hot magenta colored hair in Big Hero 6.

Many characters usually get variety of colors to give good visual looks for their likeness. The colors are assigned to part of the character's body like the face. It is possible that sketches of animation are given color during the process of creation of a media for finalization after these have been done. The shadows and highlights are added prior to animate the character and then done on computer through a software. Sometimes, special effects will by applied to a certain character. Some of the prototype versions of characters were black and white.

Sketch and animation

The drawing process is done by pencil and ink to illustrate and make animation plans for the computer graphic animations to be committed. The concept art helps for anything including 3D graphic designs to create the character from scratch. Frame-by-frame is done by drawing one by one on each paper to convert it from paper to computer. This is also done in anime as well.

3D graphics

3D is the popular method to animate characters with bones and animation. This makes it to where people can see either side of a character. Model colors are built-in in each 3D graphic software so that animators can provide vertex or texture colors. Textures are rendered to allow editing of textures when needed; Autodesk 3Ds Max has the texture rendering system that will provide a user the option to render on what format or resolution they opt to use. While on editing, the most frequent editors include Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, and Corel are used to edit colors and add new objects for the character. Texture images are rendered in DDS format in-order to have mipmaps generated for visual appearances at the far side. Shaders are done by script to give realistic or cel effect of each character so that the lightening make either get darker or brighter on animation process.

Puppet patterns

The patterns are bought from the store and used to create a puppet with scissors and stitches to attach pieces to perform a character. Some eyes are done by a mechanical method. Examples of these include the famously built Muppets include Whatnots and Anything Muppets with different accessories and patterns. The shapes are made by sculpting and then the creation is made. Sometimes, parts of it get replaced or added like Berry and Do Re Mi Monster and are re-usable. Puppets are often rebuilt to create newer versions of characters that get out of date as popular things get modern.


The costumes are done the same way as puppets, but are done for full body outfit to play a role on certain media. Paint can also be applied to a certain person to look like someone else.


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