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Yapper is the character of Yogi's Great Escape Yapper appears with his owner Trapper arrives the Ranger Station from Jellystone Park to meet Ranger Smith to catches Yogi, Boo Boo and the cubs to followed after the bears with the human boys from the trees Trapper, Yapper and Ranger Smith searched for the bears and they falls off and into the freight car on the train for a ride. after Yogi Boo Boo and the cubs are capture by Yogi's friend Quick Draw McGraw at the sheriff's house Ranger Smith, Trapper and Yapper are could find them but the bears looks like Yogi and Boo Boo are robbing the bank. after Yogi Boo Boo and the cubs are inside the ghost boat at the swamp with Yogi's friend Wally Gator Ranger Smith, Trapper and Yapper arrives they found Yogi with the others the chase is over and they escaped again after they left the swamp Ranger Smith, Trapper and Yapper found Yogi's friend Snagglepuss to help find the bears and they escaped with the hot air balloon and finally Trapper and Yapper got Yogi with Boo Boo and the bear cubs and they falls off into the river.

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